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Welcome to the
Volkswagen Spectacular !
Where has the time gone to this year?
Most of us have been in lockdown and still very aware about the virus which has completely changed our outlook to life!
We just want to remind you that the Volkswagen Spectacular IS coming together for 25 July – 2 Aug 2021! COVID-19 ResponseWe will have the appropriate COVID-19 plan in place if needed, but at this stage it’s too early to advise what that looks like. We are keeping abreast with all the latest on this issue and will be compliant as need be.
Bookings, Itineraries & Accommodation 
We will get our paper registration forms out in January 2021 and will send a copy of everyone’s past bookings to them and they can make changes if need be. 

Our itineraries the same we’re just hoping that everyone will still be able to make it! 
Any accommodation already booked is still standing.  We will notify individual people of any changes that come up. 
The prices will be updated so guys get those projects finished!! 
 We will see you soon bye for Now Donna, Luke & Family
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